Adventures in the Algoma Highlands: Ranger Lake, Part 5

Hey everyone! Here is the fifth and final part of the Ranger Lake video series! As a brief recap, we took this eight day canoeing trip in August, 2016, with our friends Becky and Mia. It took us a while to edit it all, but it’s finally done! Let’s celebrate!


As always, if you’ve missed the previous four parts, or want to check them out again, just click the links below!


Ranger Lake Part 1/Ranger Lake Part 2/Ranger Lake Part 3 /Ranger Lake Part 4



Part 4 of our 2016 trip to Ranger Lake is now up! Thanks for watching, and if you’ve missed the previous parts, see the links below. And obviously we’re rather sorry that we’ve taken so long to finish this series, the summer and fall were busy!

Ranger Lake Part 1/Ranger Lake Part 2/Ranger Lake Part 3

Adventures in the Algoma Highlands: Ranger Lake, Part 2

Hey everyone! Here’s part 2 of our August, 2016 trip in the Algoma Highlands! We hope that you enjoyed the first part, and will also thus enjoy the second part! It has been really fun to go over the footage and relive the memories again, and hopefully you’ll be able to experience even just a bit of the good times that we had. It’s quite true that fellow paddling partners can play a big role in whether or not a trip is so awesome that almost a year later, one still smiles at even the unpleasant parts.

If you missed part 1, click here to re-watch it. Part 3 should be posted next Monday or so. Thanks for watching and enjoy!

Adventures in the Algoma Highlands: Ranger Lake, Part 1

In August 2016 we took a week long trip in the Algoma Highlands, starting at Ranger Lake and going up to Gong Lake. With our friends Anna Maria and Becky, it was a trip that created legends and stories (swamps, anyone? Leeches that helped us decide our wedding colour should be red because of the blood?) and is perhaps one of our most favourite trips to date.

Over the months since then, we’ve been working hard to edit the backlog of camping videos that accrued and then start the film project that tells the story of our trip. Without further ado, we are now finally pleased to share with you Part 1 of our Ranger Lake trip! Enjoy, and thank you for watching!


We’ll be posting Part 2 shortly, so keep your eyes out for it!

Shark Lake Trip Video

It’s actually probably more of an equipment review/quick first trip of the year video, so it’s not a more detailed video recounting of our trip to Shark Lake in Kawartha Highlands. Nevertheless, enjoy, and thank you for watching!

P.S. I have just finished editing part #1 of our Ranger Lake trip, so here’s hoping that we’ll be getting the entire series up soon. We have it all rough edited, now just to fine tune it!