Four Days in Algonquin

Some photographs of our 4 day trip to Algonquin! Enjoy! Photos copyright to our blog, please don’t re-use without permission. Thanks!




Short Film: Out of the Outhouse

Whilst on our trip, Paul, Sarah, and myself filmed a short film, entitled Out of the Outhouse. It stars Paul and Sarah, and I directed it. We hope you will enjoy it- and consider it a small taste of the more serious trip videos and reviews to come!

A Pre-Canoeing Trip Update!

Hey all! Sorry for the relative lack of new posts, things have been a bit busy with other, non-camping life events, but this weekend is our first trip of the year, and we’re pretty excited! We’re going for 4 days in Algonquin, with 3 of our friends, 2 of whom have gone on trips with us before.

Paul and I did get my canoe out and go for a paddle on the Trent canal- essentially along the same course that my uncle and I had hiked not too long before, but this time we were on the water. It was quite good to get back out, and we were able to test out some of our new gear.

My new Salus paddling jacket worked well- I appreciated the frontal zipper and the design of the jacket which has less bulk around the arms, thus allowing for greater comfort when paddling. I also rather liked that there was no zipper to catch my arm on (my old Wind River jacket had a zipper that made it so my arm or shirt sleeve would catch on it, when paddling on a certain side).

We each had bought Misty Mountain brand rain jackets- they made excellent wind breakers, and we’re hoping they’ll hold up in the rain. I bought a Misty Mountain outdoors hat, from Winners, for $15, which I was also pleased with. It was more a matter of personal preference, but I liked the stiffer brim and deeper crown.

I have also finally acquired a larger Sea-to-Summit dry bag + compression sack. I had the large sized one (20 Litres) but found it was just a tad bit too small. We stopped in at Wild Rock in downtown Peterborough, and bought some last minute camping equipment, and the extra large sack was one of our purchases. At 30 litres, it’s so far the perfect size!

We’re almost all packed and ready to go, we’re not sure how much we’ll be filming on this trip, we certainly want to just enjoy it, but if we get photographs at least we’ll post them, and I’ll be keeping a trip journal again.

Until next time, then! Have a safe and fun Victoria Day weekend!