March Musings

There’s nothing quite like the time in late winter, and though it may be snowy outside, and far from weather that inspires canoeing and camping, you suddenly realise that the season to be out-of-doors isn’t all that far away, and the snow will melt and the sun will feel warm, and then, you start getting the urge to prepare for the season ahead. Christmas is over, and even if you love winter, you may be wanting spring and summer to come!

So you dig out the map-books, go over the camping equipment, maybe even find ways to sort and categorise, just so you can have something that makes you think of warmer days and those times that you can escape to the great outdoors.

It’s that wonderful time of the year known to me as the days wherein we start the serious planning. It has in the past two years begun at the time of the Outdoor Adventure Show in Toronto, and from there on, it leads to booking off holidays, well in advance, perhaps.

This year the postal system has seen many a packaged delivered in our names, and it is definitely exciting to open each parcel, thinking about just how much use will be gotten out of our newly acquired piece of equipment.

Last year I had enough trips under my belt to realise that I did indeed have preferences about my equipment, and that some things weren’t working as well as I would like. So it was really exciting to able to make a list and begin to check things off when I got them. After all, what’s the point of a job if you can’t spend a little on stuff that you want, and know you’ll use a heck of a lot?

Of course, some things I was quite happy with last year, so I’ll keep those. There was that golden moment that I knew I had the perfect combination of sleeping pad, sleeping bag, long underwear, and socks, when on our spring trip last May, after a cold, rainy night, I was just as warm and comfy in my tent as if I had have been in my own bed, and in fact, didn’t really want to get out and go into the drizzling day. It’s a myth that you can’t be warm and comfortable on canoe trips.

And so, it’s March. We still have a few months, and a good deal of life, to get through before we can load up the canoes and get away for a few days. But now’s the time to be dreaming and researching and getting ready. After all, it was just January!

So here’s to the adventures we’ll have in this coming year, the sunny days and the rainy ones, the campsites with thunderboxes and the ones without, the highs and lows, because they’ll be memories that last for the rest of our lives.




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